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1" -  1 1/4" Disk Wrench
This wrench fits 1" & 1 1/4" diameter disks.

Equine Dental Instrument 

Product Maintenance and Care 

  Some maintenance suggestions for MMXV Hand Pieces and Super Burrs

  MMXV Hand Pieces

  • Don’t dip in fluids
  • Grease after every couple of hours use
  • Use food grade grease

  Super Burrs

  • Clean burrs with a fine brass or stainless steel brush
  • It is okay to dampen them if needed
  • Clean burrs cut faster, last longer and create less heat build up
  • Use a non toxic food grade lube behind burr guard
Equine Dental Instrument Power Hand Pieces
Most power hand pieces do not like to be dipped in water.  This causes internal parts to rust and lock up.  It's okay to clean the parts with a brass or stainless steel wire brush and light application of water.  After cleaning lube the gears with food grade grease and one of our small tipped grease guns.  We usually grease gear drives after two to four horses or a minimum of a couple times a day.  Straight drive hand pieces are usually good with less grease.  A small amount once a day usually does the job.
Equine Dental Instrument Power Cables
Every couple of weeks you need to grease the internal cable within the housing of your flex shaft machine.  A little grease on the cable itself will extend it's life considerably.
   Equine Dental Lights
      We make some of the best lights in the industry.  Keeping them clean will aid in longer life.   One good tip is not to twist the bulb housing more than necessary.  The more the housing is twisted round and round on the wiring harness swivel the more the wires will be twisted resulting in eventual damage or even wiring failure.
Foredom Replacement Clutch
Clutch for Foredom TX Flex Shaft Machines
Dremel Replacement Clutch