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Every MMXV Hand Piece
Includes a 60 page Advanced Equine Dental Guide
Price: $1800.00 Each  
Made In The USA By World Wide Equine, Inc.
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How to get the most from your MMXV.

We like to run our MMXV hand pieces on Foredom's TX Series Motors.  These heavy duty 1/3rd horse power motors run from 500 to 15,000 RPM.  They are made in key-way and square drive.  We use diamond burrs and disks, cleaning them frequently maximizing their cutting ability and reducing heat from friction.  Clean sharp burrs are a must for proper dental maintenance.  We have found that higher speeds are advantageous over lower speeds for maximum tooth removal and minimal heat build up.  Most competitive products use lower speed drills and die grinders to run their hand pieces.  I have found the lower speed units take much longer to get the job done and burrs and disks bounce around making them harder to control frustrating horses. 
Dale Jeffrey, Principal 
Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc.

M.TX Motor Description: Series TX motors are Foredoms most powerful flex shaft machines with 1/3HP. They have permanent magnet DC motors that feature the latest in flex shaft technology. These ball bearing models utilize advanced rare earth magnets (in place of the wound fields in our universal type Series SR motors) that deliver more torque at the low end and throughout the entire speed range of 500 to 15,000 RPM. No other flex shaft gives you greater control of the cutting tool, drill, or burr under any load.
Power Float by World Wide Equine
Equine Dental Hand Piece made by World Wide Equine, Idaho, USA
Power Float built by World Wide Equine, USA
Power Float for Horses made by World Wide Equine of Glenns Ferry, Idaho
Power Float with Vacuum
Power Float for Horses with Vacuum, American Made by World Wide Equine, Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA
Power Float Accessories
Power Float Accessories by World Wide Equine of Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA
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