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Assistants:  Various Practitioners and Associates 

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Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc.

                          "600T" Advanced Equine Gnathology Course


Location:  EGTI School Building, Downtown, Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA


Three Day (600T) Course Cost: $1050.00

Available School Housing for Three Days: $150.00

Shuttle Service to and From Boise Airport: $150.00



  • Understanding  Gnathology and Gnathological Procedures
  • Gnathological Determinators
            The Five Biomechanical Pairs Influencing the Process of Deglutition and Performance
    The Neuromuscular Gnathological Approach to Mandibular Biomechanics 
                 Three of Nine Defining Motions
                      Pitch, Yah and Roll
  • Meaning of The Equine Dental Paradigm
  • Understanding the Process of Deglutition
  • Meaning of Prophylaxis As It Pertains to Equine Teeth
  • Meaning of Equilibration As It Pertains to Equine Teeth
  • Basic Anatomical Structures of the Head and Neck
             Occipital Variations
             Anatomical Variations
             Symmetrical Variations
  • Biomechanical Influences 
            Of Teeth
            Of Joints
            Of Muscles
  • The Influence and Importance of the Hyoid Apparatus
            Stages of Arthrosis
            Grading Arthrosis Progression 1-10
            Palpation Techniques
  • Mastication Patterns (Variations) and Their Influence on Dentition
  • Bit Seats and Their Relationship to Air Flow Factors
  • The Influence of Dental Cysts on Air Flow
  • The Function and Purpose of Conchae and Turbinates’
  • Feeds and Feeding Issues
  • Performance Issues
            Wolf Teeth, Blind Wolf Teeth, Ectopic Teeth, Dentigerous Cysts
  • Principles of Maintaining Equine Teeth
            Incisor work and occlusal variations
            Working With Non-sedated Horses
            Working With Sedated Horses
  • Instrumentation
            Use of New Hand and Power Instruments


Certificate for 24 Hours of Continuing Education Awarded Upon Completion of Course


Instructors:    Dale Jeffrey

                     Bert Lambert

                     Other Associates

Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc., King Hill, Idaho, USA
Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc., Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA
Bosses on Recess
Dale working on an Incisor Angle Change at EGTI
EGTI Training Center, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
Lecture Hall at Equine Gathological Training Institute, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
EGTI April 2017 Gnathological Class
EGTI June 2017 Class